We use Wella hair colours to create healthy-looking and luminous hairstyles, with neatly consistent results for tinting, toning and grey area coverage.

Balayage boosts your color with less commitment as compared to conventional highlights. It is more natural-looking and requires low maintenance.

Hair colouring by consultation

Wedding, prom, or a special event? Amp up your hair with a specialty styling service. We offer
custom updos, braids, ponytails, curls, and more. See a style you love? Bring in a photo to share
with your stylist for inspiration.

Hairstyle (brushing) from 25€
Evening hairstyle from 45€
Braid from 25€
Streaks by consultation

At our salon, we are at the forefront of the latest hairstyles. Whether you're in need of a simple trim or want a new style we are experts in creating them for our you.

Hair cut + blow dry from 45€

Hair extensions

The new breed of hair extensions with natural hair have the look, feel and colour of lusciously healthy, natural hair, giving you dreamy locks that won't damage your natural hair.

Hair extensions 5€ per unit (by consultation)

In general, it´s important to know that today's perms are nothing like the perms of 20 years ago.
Formulas have improved and stylists have learned to use perm products and tools in new ways. A perm
can certainly give you the style you're looking for and make your life easier! There are perms for soft
curls, firm curls and waves. There are even texturizers that reshape tight curls and eliminate frizz. There
are formulas for fine hair, normal hair, resistant hair and color-treated hair.

FROM 65€
Olaplex – Olaplex is a Bond Multiplier that reduces breakage leaving your hair feeling healthy and astounding.

Keratin treatment – Keratin is a protein that is often lost over time due to chemical services and products. Keratin treatments eliminate frizz and curls by up to 95%, leaving your hair straight, shiny and luxurious. You can expect the results to last for around 3 months.

Mesotherapy for hair loss
The infusion of nutrients and medication helps tackle hair thinning and hair loss. Using a special cocktail, the scalp is given a vitamin boost which can improve blood circulation for better nourishment of the hair follicle. What makes Mesotherapy so uniquely effective is that it infuses a therapeutic solution directly into the scalp, unlike topical solutions such as serums or sprays, or oral medication for that matter. This treatment also helps delay the onset of alopecia or male pattern baldness. It is a good practice to start treatment with the first signs of hair loss as this retards or stops the advance of thinning.

Mesotherapy for hair loss 80€
Olaplex treatment + hairstyle – from 45€
NIOXIN peeling 45€


Our highly trained stylists take pride in providing the attention-to-detail, style, and look you're after.
Plus, as a finishing touch to every haircut, we offer our hair style service. It will leave you feeling clean
and ready to get on with your day.

Hair cut kids from 15€
Hair cut man from 20€