WELLA PROFESSIONALS is our main hair care partner and the market leader in professional hair colouring with unique formulas renowned for their durability and varied colour palettes.
PAUL MITCHELL hair products are made in the US using natural high-quality ingredients with superior hair colouring actions.
KEUNE professional hair products are made by Holland’s leading manufacturer who specialize in combining traditional formulas with advanced hair care technology.
BELMA COSMETIC is a leading US haircare brand specializing in professional hair care products.
NIOXIN specializes in products for hair loss and hair thinning. Their US-made products help to build stronger, healthier and thicker hair.
O-WAY is an Italian eco hair care brand producing products formulated using mostly natural ingredients.
GUINOT is one of France’s most specialized haircare brand whose products can be customized to the individual’s needs for immediate results.
IBD is an established leading US nail care brand with a 40-year history of producing products for nail strengthening and nail extension.
GELISH produces professional gels for Hand & Nail Harmony nail products
E´MI is producer of quality nail polish and skincare products for hands, inspired and created by renowned nail designer Ekaterina Miroshnichenko.
CND – This US brand specializes in products for professional hand care and nail design.
OPI is an industry leader and trend-setter in nail care and design and is reputed for the high quality of its products.
GEHWOL is a long-established German foot care brand producing protective and medicinal products based on traditional and well-guarded formulas dating back to the 1860’s.